Tacoma  TWG"T"  LogoWeavers’ Guild was formed in 1935 and is dedicated to the promotion of hand weaving and related fiber arts.  

As a guild, we participate in demonstrations and exhibitions of our crafts - especially spinning and weaving - for the enrichment of our local community. 

TWG engages expert speakers and hosts workshops to further educate our members. Topics range from weave structures, to rug weaving, to weaving with fine threads, to spinning and basketry, even wire weaving, jewelry making and sewing with handwovens.

We meet monthly and maintain an extensive library of books, videos and periodicals relating to many forms of textile arts which members can check out between meetings.

Guests are always welcome, as are new members!  If you've an interest in weaving or spinning, please come visit.

Join us!  Learn to weave!