TWG President’s Note, April, 2023

Our Guild is a bustling beehive of activities IF you join into the hive! We have committees and Guild tasks aplenty, and so many ways to connect your skill set to further our goals. Of course we have active weavers and spinners, but we also have accountants, educators, researchers, marketers, secretaries, and historians. In addition, we have cooks, painters, sewists, social media/AV technicians, librarians, and business people. All of these talents contribute to our Guild humming along, providing quality programming, stimulating education, friendships and mentoring.

There are a few Guild jobs open for the ’23-’24 Guild year – including Secretary, CAMEL, program committee, and hospitality/welcoming. Think about what gifts and skills you can share.

I am really looking forward to ANWG, as well as the many springtime opportunities to shop, learn, and hang around with my peeps – those who speak our language. I hope you will each have opportunities to join some of the weaving/fiber opportunities around us.

NOTE: The June picnic will take place at Janet Stanley’s, a week earlier than our normal meeting, on June 2nd, 11:00-2:00. Please mark your calendars – the picnic gathering will include Dog Daze rummage sale, the raffle of the Fair Shawl, and needle felting using cookie cutters. If you have fleece, needles, cookie cutters, or foam blocks to share, we welcome those supplies.

Happy Spring to you all!

Linda Stryker

2 thoughts on “TWG President’s Note, April, 2023

  1. Hello,
    I am re-assembling a Margaret Bergman loom and am looking for a 4 inch diameter ratchet with 8 teeth and a 6 inch one with 32 teeth. Can you help me? Do you know someone who can?
    Thank you very much,

  2. I can’t personally help you with this. However, on our FB page, Tacoma Weavers Guild, you can post this very question. Certainly someone might have an idea. Also, the Seattle Weavers Guild Group page on facebook is also open for questions like this. There is also a Bergman looms public group on Facebook which may be able to help. As well as many weavers groups on FB, who may know something. Good luck, Bette Nordberg

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