Co-President’s Message

Welcome to the fall return to our Guild activities and friendships.  Those friendships are the glue keeping our Guild strong, fresh, and fostering learning.

Many hands have been at work over the summer focused on the new Guild year including  improvements like a new website, scheduling programs and workshops for the year, improving our Zoom and hybrid quality, and really polishing up our library contents and ease of use.

In addition to our sparkling new website, the use of Facebook and Instagram is increasing our access to the public and perhaps potential new members.  Please visit these sites often and also post your own photos. 

Back to the topic of friendships…..most of you are aware, we were left without a president at the time of spring elections.  The past president, Carole Stewart, and the current first vice president, Linda Stryker, have agreed to team lead the Guild, relying on the friendships among our members to support us and to assure that everyone participates and feels ownership in our Guild.  The role of president is still open if anyone is interested.  

We will be meeting virtually until the end of 2022, and make further adjustments at that time.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

Linda Stryker and Carole Stewart

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