November 2023 President’s Message

Turned the calendar page today, and felt a whoosh of holiday anticipation – most of it good, and freely chosen yet some of it stressful and obligatory. It is GOOD to gather with friends and loved ones, and GOOD to maintain and uphold traditions – whether food, games, parties, or travel. Some of our fall activities are completed (State Fair, Guild sales, etc) and we have renewed permission to put our gardens to bed and pursue more indoor activities – like WEAVING!

This month in the Tacoma Weavers’ Guild will host some traditions –many members indicated they wanted to continue the holiday card exchange. That means they should get busy creating their card of choice, and let me know their interest by phone call, email, or sign up at the November Guild meeting. I will notify you of the recipient of your card, and these should go in the mail by the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Some of our more distant members haven’t gotten theirs in time to share at the December holiday party meeting.

Not many responded that they wished to have a gift exchange at our December meeting. If you wish to continue this tradition, please bring a wrapped gift that is homemade, handmade, or weaving-appreciated.

There was a resounding support for the idea of creating garments for winter weather to donate – either through St. Andrew’s efforts or other local charity – this could include hats, scarves, mittens, shawls, etc. Those items would be due at the December meeting, and could be part of the show and tell as well.

If anyone has any holiday-related games that we can share at our December party, please let me know. Last year we filled out that grid of drawings illustrating holiday songs. Perhaps one of us can play a few holiday tunes at the piano, and have a sing-along? It has been a while since I did that! Oh, and remember our holiday potluck is more of a lunch than a coffee break.

Longer range planning – I am happy to relinquish the task of Membership Chair and looking for a replacement. We also could use some input from newer members on what topics they would like to see in our workshop offerings? What new authors, teachers, artists, or similar would they like to hear more from? Carol Thompson is building up her tech team, and is looking for additional people. Debbie Frank could use more help in hospitality and set up before the meetings.

Please share feedback with any board members about any ideas, critique, gap in information, etc.

See you at the November 10th meeting.

Linda Stryker, President