President’s Message – June, 2023

As the Guild year wraps up, I am thinking about travel. All I can do is think about it, because right now we are caring for an elderly relative and cannot travel. But I thoroughly enjoy hearing about the travels of others, and I especially enjoy stories about fiber arts in far off lands. My sister just returned from a trip to Ireland and was happy to announce she got to see a fabric mill, and her first look at a flying shuttle. Another friend went to the Ivory Coast and saw brightly striped woven garments. I also was pleased to attend the IKAT exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, whose collection on display was based on the donor’s travels around the world. Seeing how others accomplish weaving, dying, preparing fibers, learning of their cultural role….. all of that feels like travel to another place or time.

Others acquire souvenirs from their travel, which in my world would mean woven shawls, skeins of yarn, sweaters, yardage, and even raw wool.

I am going to be able to travel to the ANWG conference in Bend, OR, and am eagerly awaiting experiencing cloth and fiber arts from around our northwest quadrant of the US and Canada. That is the travel that will feed my soul at this time.

Our end of year picnic is a week earlier this year, June 2nd, at Janet Stanley’s home, beginning at 11:00 a.m. We will raffle the sheep to shawl project, share our newest creations, eat, and sell our Dog Daze spares to each other. We will also be doing a little needle felting craft for those who wish.

Happy Weaving.

Linda Stryker