TWG President’s Message – May 2024

May Day, and we have a frost warning!   We just hum along, pursuing our favorite activities.  I am hearing lots of stories about learning opportunities our members have availed themselves to, with members and friends taking classes with Marilyn in Coupeville, with Sue and Janet on Vashon, at the BARN on Bainbridge, through other Guilds, and even attending out of town conferences held by other Guild associations.  Our quest for understanding and stimulation is strong, and we are lucky to have opportunities around us. 

Our own Guild has several opportunities – one is on May 11th for a dye workshop (Sold out) and in September for a rigid heddle workshop using two heddles at a time, conducted by Yvonne Ellsworth, a frequent contributor to Little Looms Magazine.   If you would like to attend Yvonne’s class, it will be held at Antique Sandwich, and be on the Saturday after our Guild meeting.  We will help swap around to get you two reeds of the same size if you don’t already own a pair.   Deposit of $50 is due at the May meeting.  

We have two exciting classes booked for February 15/16 and March 15/16, but we are struggling to pin down a LOCATION for the class.  Room rentals have gotten very expensive lately, and we are trying to book on a budget – my preference would be no more than $150 per day.   All of those expenses get divided up among the students in the class – and we hope to keep it reasonable for each of us.   If you have a lead on a location – church, nursing home, community building, clubhouse, please let me know.  We must have a place committed before we can contract with the instructor.  

The KITCHEN AT THE CHURCH will be off limits due to construction, so at our May meeting we will arrange things a bit differently, and may not have hot beverages.  They expect to be out of service for 4 months.    Because of the kitchen issue, we have moved the Saturday dye class to Debbie Frank’s home. Thank you Debbie for saying yes!

One of our two State Fair dates has shifted – we will have September 9th and September 20th.  Sign up with Marilyn Crosetto. 

I am really excited to hear Roberta Lowe tell us about her “Weaver’s Journey” for our program this month.  She has been an inspiration to so many.  Who would you like to hear from next spring for our weaver’s journey presentation?   We gain so much knowledge from our long-weaving friends.  

See you May 10th!

Linda Stryker