President’s Message: January, 2024

I hope each of you had a fulfilling holiday this past few weeks.  I was very buoyed by our holiday gathering as it had all of the components of our friendship and support of others.  We had excellent food, sharing our a lovely card exchange, fantastic show and tell, a holiday craft (thank you Britta), and to top that all off, we donated a pile of hats, scarves and mittens for the needy, that were given to the outreach project at St. Andrew’s Church.  We enjoyed our members on Zoom, but accidentally cut the transmission before they were ready to be finished.  We apologize and will communicate better next time. 

I also hope some of you were good boys and girls and that Santa brought you fiber related things down the chimney.  

One of my “resolutions” was to complete a warp I have had on my baby wolf for over a year, and I successfully wove it all up during the week between Christmas and New Years.  Now it is available to get warped for the upcoming Sara Bixler workshop in February.  It feels good to get my MoJo going again. 

Each of us is an ambassador for our Guild, and you are our best advertisement.  Spread the word!

Linda Stryker

President’s Message, February, 2023

As many of you know, I volunteer as a weaving teacher once a week at the Southeast Seattle Senior Center, teaching people of all ages how to warp a loom, read a pattern, and launch down the rabbit hole of the pleasures of weaving.  For that studio, I was filling out a wall calendar of future events to enjoy around the area, and was struck with what a wealth of opportunities we have around the metro area. 

February – Red Alder

February – Ikat at the Seattle Art Museum

March – RAGS

April – Spring Fair

May –  I am sure there is something I have not heard of yet. 

June – Fiber Fusion

June – ANWG

Plus our monthly Guild meetings, end of year picnic, etc. 

I also noted that there have been several posts requesting help learning how to use their looms.  I am happy to see some of TWG members responding to those quests for help.  The kindness of passing on our tips and tricks, teaching the mechanics and successes of our weaving – that is what is going to keep our Guild relevant and engaged, and perhaps bring a few newcomers into the fold.  

Keep supporting local events, share them with each other, and keep learning and teaching into this new year. 

Linda Stryker, President